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As an educational provider of Higher Vocational training we "go where the industry goes”

This fall, the programs you can study in karlstad are joined by Game Artist, the third educational program with our partners at Changemaker Educations and Futuregames.

Besides Game Artist, you can study Experience Designer, Indie Game Developer, and Fasttrack - Your chance to develop your game in our fully funded nine months game accelerator!

We asked Tom Løyche, CEO of Changemaker Educations, why Karlstad was THE choice for their new expansion of hubs years back.

As an educational provider of Higher Vocational training we "go where the industry goes”.
A lot of interesting things are happening now and the game plan for the gaming industry is changing. The map is being rewritten as we speak.
New and totally unexpected places are popping up as new epicenters outside the big cities.
Geography does not matter anymore.
Games are born international. And so is the access to education. You don’t have to live in San Francisco to work at Apple or in Stockholm to work at Dice. You can live in Leamington Spa or teach students the latest in tech and games North of the Arctic Circle.
We are observing a growing interest in unique locations, and a desire, if you so will, to leave the bigger cities and look for more personalized experiences outside the urban spaces.
There is a need to be an active part in your local community - and at the same time be connected to the surrounding world.
What's happening in Karlstad is exactly this: A new ecosystem in games is popping up. We want to help develop the industry.

We at The Great Journey are looking forward to many more years and programs together in the future!

Värmlands Games Industry is growing in rapidly!

Send in your application today (last day to apply!) to secure your next step on your game dev journey!


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