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Experience Designer

Get the tools so you can create the digital experiences of tomorrow!

The demand for Experience Designers has skyrocketed the world over.

User Experiences, sustainable business models and digital innovations are leading the change and it has never been more relevant than during this pandemic when everyone turns to digital tools to help them with their everyday life.



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Sep 11th 2023

Feb 1st - May3rd 2023


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Carl Köhler

Student at Experience Designer

"Looking around, it becomes evident that Experience design can apply almost everywhere.

The possibilities are vast and you do not need to be a gamer, creative or interested in typefaces to be an experience designer.

We all have our special interests where this skillset can be applied;

Cars, festivals and much, much more."

Hannah Edelbring.jpg

Hanna Edelbring

Student at Experience Designer


Experience Designer cover so many fields that you can use in your professional life!

The program fits both if you want to explore design and code as well as if you strive to up your game in agile methodology and business development!”

Alexander Knappköyen.jpg

Alexander Knapköyen

Student at Experience Designer

I choose YH [Yrkeshögskola/Higher Vocational Education] because I just finished upper secondary school. Those three years made me want to work more practical and less academic.

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