The Great Journey is a community!

Each and everyone interested in creating games regardless of experience, level or background are welcome here.

We are a community and in a community we share beliefs, resources, needs and risk.

We support and inspire each other to overcome our challenges and achieve our goals. 
This is the place to make your game!

The project Stories from Värmland and the Nordics is initiated by The Great Journey, Karlstad Innovation Park and Embracer Group and the goal is to build a games industry in Värmland.

The project is funded by Embracer Group, Region Värmland and by the European Regional Development Fund. 


Find a friend - build a team - make a game

We are looking for a new community manager!


Be brave! Talk about your idea, share your concepts and ask for feedback!


Do what you can with what you got. Find other people for the things you don't.


We may create games in Värmland, but we make games for the whole world!


TGJ is a safe space for everyone. We work towards a more equal video game industry for all minorities.

The Great Journey-staff!


Patrick Standfast

Co-founder and  Project Manager


Rosanna Johansson

Communications  and Community Manager

Linda Morén.jpg

Linda Morén

Head of Education 

- Experience Designer

Per Myren bild.jpg

Per Myrén

Project worker


Mikael Forslund

Studio Manager


Staffan Olsson

Head of Education

- Indie Game Developer


Blair Bergman

Head teacher

- Indie Game Developer

The Great Journey - Q&A

What is The Great Journey?

The Great Journeyis a non-profit initiatv by Karlstad Innovation Park and Embracer Group. We focus on promoting the video games industry in Värmland by creating the best environment for everyone who wants to develop their own games!

How do I join?

Come by our Hub (open office hours during weekdays), visit one of our events or join our discord-channel!

Does it cost money to join?

No, it’s free of charge! Just swing by! :D

Are the events, meetups etc held in Swedish?

We keep all our events in english :)