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Level up your skills and further your journey in the games industry today!

The programs

As a student you get:

Hear what the studensts have to say about

The Great Journey

  • A great Community of new and seasoned Game Developers and Experience Designers!

  •  Great lectures, pitch events and network opportunities with some of the biggest companies and actors in the industry

  •  Hands on experience with relevant technology and issues in the industry

  •  New perspectives, we at The Great Journey, value inclusion and diversity so we actively work to bringing in people with different backgrounds and roles, lifting discussions and educating ourselves and our community

Why Värmland?

Värmlands games industry is growing, ​with 25 game studios started and more in the pipeline!
But if you look past our growing industry, pitch event, programs and full-time funded accelerator, you find a beautiful city with great food, fantastic nature and much more!

UF Make a Game

Are you studying at gymnasiet and want to make games?


This is an opportunity to make a game and at the same time learn how to set up, run a company within the school curriculum. Make A Game teams are welcome to work with their games at TGJ. An opportunity to get to know game studios and game developers and share tips and tricks.

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