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Why Värmland? - #1 Kronoparken

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

This article is part of a 3-part series called Why Värmland? where we deep dive into different reasons for you to move to Värmland! You can find the other two blogs here.

Picture by our amazing community member and part of studio Team Velocita, Oscar Svan.

We welcome you to Kronoparken!

“I wanted to experience a new city than the one I grew up in. Many of my friends told me that Karlstad was a beautiful city so I got curious.

Our Community Manager Niki moved here from the big city of Gothenburg, but like many in our community and students from both our programs (Game Artist, Indie Game Developer and Experience Designer) and the University, she moved into an apartment in Kronoparken.

Live here!

Almost 9000 people call Kronoparken their home.

Here you find all the things you need in your everyday life, from the local convenience store, health center with pharmacy, restaurants and the bus station that opens up for you to explore the rest of Karlstad!


Kronoparken also has its own outdoor pool area, Parkbadet Kronan, and it is really affordable (day card costs 15kr currently)!

When summer hit, grab your friends, relax by the poolside and grab some d-vitamin between game dev-sessions!


Karlstad is full of restourants, but Kronoparken offers Swedens most expensive pizza!

The Golden Pizza with 24 karat gold, to the humble prize of 110 000kr.

You can check it out in the video below!

If you do not want to sacrifice one arm and one leg, Kroppkärrs pizzeria offers you a lot of other fun and unique pizzas like the Nutellapizza, Kanelbulle kebab and much more!

Renting apartments

Here you find tenants like Karlstad Bostads AB and CIAB Fastigheter among others renting apartments and CIAB Fatigheter is investing in a project called Kronoparkslyftet, a project to make Kronoparken an even better place to live.

And the best part!

We are here!

The Great Journey is seated in Karlstad Innovation Park, right beside the university and 3 minutes from the bus station that takes you straight to Karlstad center in less than 10 minutes.

So what are you waiting for?

Apply for our programs or accelerator and just join our community!



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