Work on your game full-time for 9 months with industry mentors!


You will get the chance to work on your own game and start your studio full-time, all while being funded and guided by industry mentors. 

You also have the opportunity to pitch your ideas and game concepts in front of a jury of industry professionals.



Course start

Application period




Fall 2022

May 3rd 2022


Important info - shorthand

WHat do I get from the program?

Mentorship with industry people

Work with you game for 38 weeks


Backed by Embracer Group

CSN Eligible

 Opportunity for matchmaking with publishers 

Why Värmland?

Värmlands games industry is growing, ​with 19 game studios started and more in the pipeline!
But if you look past our growing industry, pitch event, programs and full-time funded accelerator, you find a beautiful city with great food, fantastic nature and much more!

How does it work?


Fasttrack is an accelerator program by The Great Journey and Futuregames together with Kristinehamns Folkhögskola. This means that you need to be a participant of the program and a Swedish citizen to be eligible for CSN, a student grant and a student loan to fund the development.


The Great Journey offers a free workspace for you and your team during the program.

You develop your game alongside other game studios, giving you a great opportunity to share and gain valuable insights and feedback throughout the process.

A growing video game industry in Värmland

Fasttrack and The Great Journey are both supported by Embracer Group, Europe's largest holding company with over 86+ studios. With its HQ here in Karlstad, it’s easy to make use of its extensive network of publishers, studios, investors and industry contacts.

You are well situated in building your studio and business with easy access to publishers and game devs. The Great Journey is a fast-growing cluster of game studios in Värmland. 

With a growing video games industry to support you and your team, the chance to release your game next year has never been closer!

testimonial from Studios


Oscar SVan

Team Velocita, creators of Octane Remix

"I wanted to be a part of Team Velocita and help it develop as a startup game studio, and the accelerator has given us the opportunity to do so and has helped us immensely in allowing us to exist, as we have been given time to work on our dream game project."


Niels van Alphen

Forgebyte Studio, creators of Dynamic Arms VR

"Most jobs get quite monotonous after a while. Game development is great because no matter how long you’ve been working with it there is always something new and challenging to learn and it really allows you to grow as a person."

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SOunds GREAT, how do I apply?

Application and admission

Fasttrack is part of the Indie Game Developer-program so you need to send in your application to that program.

This is why it is important you name your documents correctly so you get accepted to Fasttrack-program and not the Indie Game Developer-program.

1. Click the Apply-button, and create an account on Schoolsoft

2. In Schoolsoft, select Kristinehamns Folkhögskola, and apply to the  Indie Game Developer-program as the program is part of that.

3. Make sure to attach your personal letter and CV.

What do I need in my application?​​

  • A personal letter: A document max 3 pages in pdf format named yourname_fasttrack.pdf including:

    • Describing you and your team.

    • State why  you are applying for Fasttrack.

    • Your background.

    • The vision and goal for your team and your game. 

    • Documentation of game development (link to demos, released titles, prototypes or other equivalent work)

  • A CV document in pdf format named yourname_cv_fasttrack.pdf. Any relevant work experience is a plus but is not required.


If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to:

Mikael Forslund, Studio Manager at The Great journey 

Patrick Standfast, Project Manager at The Great Journey


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