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Want to develop YOUR game?

  • 9 month runway to develop your game and set up your studio.

  • Develop a commercially viable product.

An all inclusive experience.

The accelerator program at The Great Journey helps game professionals' with both their production pipeline and maximize their business opportunities.

We are looking for small and ambitious teams who want to accelerate their game start up.


A chance to fund, build and release your game for a whole year. We also support you with building your professional network and matchmaking with publishers . 

You’ll be part of a growing community backed by our partner Embracer Group.  You will be coached by our Studio Manager/Producer Mikael Forslund who leads a team of seasoned game devs who will take you on the journey of creating, producing and releasing your game.  This is what we call Fasttrack

WHat do I get from the program?

Mentorship with industry people

Work with you game for 38 weeks


Backed by Embracer Group

CSN Eligible

 Opportunity for matchmaking with publishers 

✅ Deadline date: TBA

✅ Start date:TBA

How does it work?

Fasttrack is an accelerator programme by The Great Journey together with Futuregames and Kristinehamns folkhögskola. As a participant (and a Swedish citizen) of the programme, you are eligible for CSN, a student grant + student loan to fund your game development.


The Great Journey offers free workspace for you and your team during the process and you get to develop your game alongside other game studios, giving you a great opportunity to share and gain valuable insights and feedback throughout the process.


Fasttrack and The Great Journey are both supported by Embracer Group, Europe's largest video games company. With its HQ here in Karlstad it’s easy to make use of their extensive network of publishers, studios, investors and industry contacts.

You are well situated in building your studio and business with easy access to publishers and game devs. The Great Journey is a fast growing cluster of game studios in Värmland. 

With a growing video games industry to support you and your team, the chance to release your game next year has never been closer!


how do I apply?


Requirements to apply

  •  Documented work within game development

    • (link to demos, released titles, prototypes or other equivalent work)

  • At least 18 year old

  • 3 year Gymnasium ( high school or equivalent.) 

  • You need to be a team. 

Application and admission

The application process is run through Schoolsoft.

1. Click Apply here, and create an account on Schoolsoft

2. In Schoolsoft, select Kristinehamns Folkhögskola, and apply to Futuregames Indie Developer course as the programme is part of this.

3. Make sure to attach your personal letter and CV.

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to:

Mikael Forslund, Studio Manager at The Great journey 

Patrick Standfast, Project Manager at The Great Journey

What do I need in my application?​​

  • A personal letter: A document max 3 pages in pdf format named yourname_fasttrack.pdf including:

    • Describing you and your team.

    • State why  you are applying for Fasttrack.

    • Your background.

    • The vision and goal for your team and your game. 

    • Documentation of game development (link to demos, released titles, prototypes or other equivalent work)

  • A CV document in pdf format named yourname_cv_fasttrack.pdf. Any relevant work experience is a plus but is not required.

Application process - will be updated for 2022 soon

June 1st

Application closes!

June 15th

Admission notice goes out to all applicants

End of June

Applicants send in their confirmation to the course

AugusT 18th

Course Start!

The video game industry is the new core industry!

Take this chance to join a growing industry, a community of game developers and your career in game development!

The video Games Industry in Värmland

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