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Find a friend - Build a team - Make a Game

The Great Journey is a community, workspace and a place where you get support. 

Welcome to take the next step with your game!


The Hub is located at Karlstad Innovation Park in Karlstad.

We have chosen to work remote and you are of course welcome to contact us on discord, email or social media channels.

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The Great Journey-Method

How do I become part of The Great Journey?

Find a friend


Build a team

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Make a game

Here at The Great Journey we work by the method Find a friend - Build a team - Make a game.

Game development is a team effort. Of course there are solo developers out there, but here at The Great Journey, we believe in the team. Working together strengthens the game and makes the journey more enjoyable. By supporting people with different skill sets in finding each other and working together, we build a creative culture and strong community.

You are welcome to join our community no matter where you are in your own journey to releasing you own game.

Want to study game development?

The Great journey works together with Changemaker EducationFuturegames and Kristinehamns Folkhögskola to bring you some of the best courses in game development and experience design!

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