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New mentorship program for female game entrepreneurs

The Great Journey together with Sweden Game Arena (Science Park Skövde) have started a Female Game Entrepreneur Mentorship Program aimed to support female founders and CEOs in the games industry. May 18-19th, they visited Karlstad for mentoring sessions and a visit to the Embracer Games Archive.

From left: Disa Johansson, Ambar Troya, Tilla Segerstedt and Viktoriia Rudkovska.

“Being part of a mentorship program is an opportunity to not only create new contacts but also to learn from other women and non-binary people in the industry. It's important that we support each other to strengthen our voices and presence in the industry, where we can share both positive and negative experiences," says Tilla, CEO of Aurora Arts.

Another participant in the mentoring program is Ambar Troya. She is currently a game student in Karlstad but has previously founded and run game companies.

“Being part of the mentoring program means a lot to me because I feel included in a wonderful community of women who inspire and motivate me to continue this journey. I hope to build confidence, let go of past failures, and approach the future with more knowledge and enthusiasm," says Ambar.

Learn more about the project and the groups visit to Karlstad here.


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