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STart your own studio

Workspace, processes or marketing?

Here at The Great Journey, we help you all the way from starting and managing your studio to finding an office to settle in. 

- quote from the 2021 edition of Game Developer Index

"Some media have called computer games “the new base industry” and this may be a good fit for an industry that had a turnover of EUR 3.3 billion in 2020."

Värmland's games industry
IS growing

The games industry is growing and there are now 19 game studios present in Värmland, 5 new studios registered 2021.

Our Studio Manager Mikael, with his 15+ years in the Industry at Paradox Interactive and King among others, are putting together an Acceleratior with 5 + Studios in different stages of building their game studios.

Send him a Hi if you are dreaming of starting your own game studio!


Jesper Franke

Business Developer at


In Karlstad, everything is a 10-minute bike ride away meaning I get to spend more time with my family and to do stuff I enjoy, like playing music or games instead of commuting. No more metro or time spent in car queues.

I heard people in Stockholm spend on average more time commuting than being on vacation per year, which is crazy when you think about it.


Niki Chalusi

Community Manager at

TGJ Logo Pink.png

I wanted to experience a new city than the one I grew up in. Many of my friends told me that Karlstad was a beautiful city so I got curious.

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Relocating your studio

Already have a studio and
want to Join us?

Relocating your studio

We'll help you and your studio find a great workspace that fits your needs.

Beginning of your studio-journey?

No worries, we offer free workspace for you and your studio to get you of the ground.

Our Project Leader is in charge of relocation so reach out and say Hi to Patrick and he will help set you up!


The video Games Industry in Värmland

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