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The different events at The Great Journey

Lunch Talks

Eat some tasty lunch while listing to  industry professionals.  Usually streamed through Youtube.


Every Friday  we invite people from the Video game and UX Industry to hold workshops and lectures.

Game Jams

A game jam is a gathering of people for the purpose of planning, designing and creating a game within a short span of time. Focusing on the joy and creativity of making games. Typically the participants are programmers, musicians, designers, animators, 3D-artists, writers, voice actors, basically ANYONE INTERESTED IN MAKING GAMES.  


Every thursday we have meetups! During Covid19 we usually have them through our discord-server (which you find here!) , or in the Hub at a safe distance to each other. Usual topics are everything game dev-related.


We want to stream different events during the year, which can be everything from let's playes where we discuss and break down a sceen in a game to talking about the latest news.