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"I think the future of the game industry lies in its accessibility to a wider audience!"

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

We spoke to our Fasttrack-participant Niels Van Alphen at Forgebyte Studio about his thoughts on the Fasttrack program.

Why are you part of the Fasttrack program?

Because it felt like a great opportunity to learn a lot about game development. Most jobs get quite monotonous after a while. Game development is great because no matter how long you’ve been working with it there is always something new and challenging to learn and it really allows you to grow as a person.

What do you think about the games industry in 5 years?

I think the future of the game industry lies in its accessibility to a wider audience. Ideas like Stadia (although not perfect today) have a promising future. And by lowering the barrier of entry into gaming I definitely think we’ll be seeing a larger mass of people drawn to the industry as a whole. Seeing the ongoing homogenization of certain platforms also makes me believe that the current walls between different hardware (Xbox, pc, PlayStation, etc) will drive more people into gaming than ever before. I also think that the lower price of VR equipment, technological improvements, and recent interest of larger companies is good sign of things to come for both VR and the rest of the gaming industry.

The gameplay teaser of Dynamic Arms VR, a first-person Sci-fi shooter where you utilize transforming weapons. Developed by Forgebyte Studios in the Fasttrack- program.

What do you want to tell someone who wants to apply to Fasttrack?

If you have the chance, take it. It’s a great opportunity! Even if you’d end up not selling your game, you’ll learn an incredible amount of things.

What would you say is the best with Karlstad?

I’d say the fact that the city feels very alive. It’s always growing yet never feels too big nor does it feel too small. The people are also nice ;)

What do you want to achieve after the program?

I’d hope to achieve the ability to keep on working with game development as a full-time job and make a living from it. Engaging in new and exciting projects and meeting new people that share my passion.


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