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I can work on my game, funded and full-time, for 9 months?!

Start your studio and release your game!

That is the dream for many of us, but that dream is often killed before we event start.

How are you going to finance it?

Will you work on something else and develop your game in your free time? That is an option many studios do; contract work to keep them afloat while slowly working on your own project.

Many of our studios do that.

Or maybe you are a student during the day and a game dev at nighttime?

Or you just dream about what games you would do if you just had the time and money.

This is where Fasttrack enters, your chance to focus 100% on releasing your game and get your studio going. No contract work or studies to distract.

This dream is what Fasttrack offers.

Fasttrack - the funded full-time games accelerator

The Great Journey has the last 2 years worked to develop the games industry in Värmland and to expand the developer map of clusters from the big cities.

Fasttrack, on our great journey theme, is a 9 months program where we meet you and your studio's needs where you are.

Last year we had 2 studios join us, Forgebyte Studio and Team Velocita and they are nearing their 9 months journey at Fasttrack. They have worked on their game and participated in pitch events, workshops and much more.

“We're able to be serious about this and not just a bunch of people in a basement.” - Levi Team Velocita

We went to the Game Developer Conference this year and I was so proud of them for handling all the meetings with publishers and investors, pitching their studio and game to everyone they talked to.

To be able to follow their journey has been a great experience filled with pride.

Fasttrack offers you funding for you to work on your game full-time. We offer you equipment and workspace to develop your game and workshops, lectures and mentorship from industry professionals in the games industry.

“We're actually sitting here as a company. We're not students this is our game, it’s no longer a little prototype or something for a course. We're here actually making a real game, a real product that we want people to play.” - Erik, Team Velocita

Two teams with game concepts and prototypes won our Summer Pitch event The Great Summer Pitch, and then enrolled in the Fasttrack program. Giving their all to fight for their dream.

“They help you think about your products as a product and not just the game and all the things you need to do in order to make it the very best it can be.” - Staffan, Forgebyte Studio

We are near the end of the first round of Fasttrack participants and we are looking forward to seeing their progress!.

And at the same time, we turn our eyes to this year's participants.

We have opened applications for Fasttrack 2022/2023 with start this fall.!

Start your studio and release your game!

We are looking for you who want to make your dream come true.

Learn more about Fasttrack on our subpage and send in your application today!


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