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Two ways the Swedish industry can raise its game in China

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Weihua Shao used her Friday Stories event to inspire games students and professionals about the opportunities available to Swedish developers in China. We asked her to offer a few more insights for anyone who missed her April workshop. Knowledgeable and experienced in both the Chinese and Swedish markets, Weihua has two ideas for how Swedish developers can raise their game in her home country.

Born and raised in China, Weihua Shao first came to Sweden as part of a trade delegation looking for investment opportunities. That’s when she discovered Sweden’s thriving games industry and the community in Malmö, in particular. She’s now been working in business development and investor relations in games for four years.

Her work bridging the gap between investors and game developers in Sweden continues at Nordic Game Ventures, which invests exclusively in unlisted early-stage game development and games ecosystem SMEs in the Nordic region.

As part of her wide-ranging role, she helps organize The Games Capital Summit. This event introduces carefully selected entrepreneurs to investors across the US, Europe, and Asia. The event has been a success for investors looking for lucrative partnerships with new developers and for studios searching for the finance they need to realize their vision.

For Weihua, this event, like Friday Stories, is a way for her to contribute to a games industry that has embraced her and her cross-cultural perspective. As she explains, “I really love the Swedish knowledge-sharing culture. People are very open to me here and share knowledge with me. So, I’m very happy to help them.”

Indie studios should get to grips with the business side of games

In the world of indie games development, creative energy, original thinking, and passion go a long way. Getting a game to market and promoting it, however, requires much more. Weihua observes that business management and marketing is often overlooked as an important part of success in the games industry.