Friday Stories

A talk + Q&A series for

game developers!

The Great Journey & Futuregames work together with the industry to bring lectures and discussions around meaningful topics like sustainable development and inclusive game design. 

Friday Stories Season 3 | speaker list 2021

*(These geeses are not representatives of these fictive game studios. We will announce the speakers and details for Season 3 soon, first one is already up!)

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Friday Stories Season 2 | speaker list - 2021

Friday Stories Season 1 | speaker list - 2020


Mikael Forlsund

Studio Manager at

The Great Journey

Onsite event


Tim Leinert

Strategic producer & Product owner at Mindforce Game Lab

Onsite event

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Tülay McNally

Director, Inclusive Development at Electronic Arts


Douglas Furén

Principal Designer and co-founder at Plucky Bytes

Onsite event


Rebecca Deans

Producer at Avalanche Studios

Onsite event