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The winners of The Great Summer Pitch 2021

So the day is here!

For the second year in a row, we end this season with ☀️The Great Summer Pitch☀️, our free pitch event where you can win funding and pitch your game for industry experts!

This year we had 11 amazing teams pitched their game today, sharing their ideas, visions and their bravery to do so!

This years winners are:

Lilium Reach - 60 000 SEK

Blind Survival - 40 000 SEK

Forgebyte Studio - 25 000 SEK

Octane Remix -25 000 SEK

Hellpunk Horror - 25 000 SEK


The teams pitching at The Great Summer Pitch this year was:

  • Blind Survival with the game Blind Survival

  • Forgebyte Studio AB with the game Proteus

  • Frostglade with the game Lilium Reach

  • Greenfox with the game DFV2

  • Grimdark Adventures with the game Grimdark Adventures

  • Medelgames with the game Heist Crisis

  • Philosophic Games with the game Hellpunk Horror

  • Sixth Row with the game Castlemania

  • Fire Noodle Breakfast Studio with the game Undatables

  • Team Velocita with the game Octane Remix

  • Tower Team with the game Tower of Eternity

Thank you everyone! The pitchers, the teams, the panel, the audience and my coworkers at The Great Journey for all the hard work you put in to make this event GREAT!

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Björn Toreld
Björn Toreld
Jun 08, 2021

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