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A Trail of Ooze is the best newcomer!

Our friends over at Insanto Studios won Best newcomer at Games Innovation Award Saxony.

A smiling Johanna presenting their game on stage for the host of the event.

Johanna translated one of the jury member's motivations for the award.

"A Trail of Ooze captivates the player with a colorful hand-drawn world, funny and memorable characters, and a lot of humor. We are already looking forward to being part of uncovering the mystery of the purple ooze. Congratulations to A Trail of Ooze, the winner of the category Best Newcomer!"

- Motivation from the content creator LocoLea, one of the jury members.

The trailer to the game A Trail of Ooze:

Insanto studios are one of the original winners of the first The Great Summer Pitch with their game A trail of Ooze. The game went through a successful Kickstarter last year and is working towards release in 2024, according to their steam-page.

"A Trail of Ooze is an udderly amoosing point-and-click adventure set on a small Swedish farm. Play as Majros - a sarcastic cow on a mission to save her human and unravel an ooze conspiracy."

A screenshot form the game of the maincharacter Majros standing beside the wrecked car after the incident. the whole farm is covered in the titular Ooze.


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