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Vertigo Games + Agera Games = Bananas 🍌

We are so excited to see Vertigo Games and Agera Games shake hands to publish TOSS!🍌

Agera Games was one of our first studios in the community and we are so proud of them! Wishlist to go bananas when TOSS!🍌 goes live!

“Agera and Vertigo make a perfect fit, sharing our love for TOSS!🍌and supporting us in making it the best game possible. We are happy to team up on delivering this bananas VR platformer to a great audience ready to go ape!”

- Albin Ahlstedt Grafman

CEO of Ageras Games

“We are excited about bringing aboard the Agera Games team, and their incredible title that uniquely captures the rush of playing a classic platformer in fully immersive, first-person VR,” said Kimara Rouwit, Publishing Director at Vertigo Games. “With its distinctive contribution to the VR library & excellently stylized graphics, it has all the potential to become the next title on the must-have list for VR fans & newcomers.”

Read Vertigo Games press release here.


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