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The Great Journey to Gamescom

From August 24th, you can meet us and some of our Studios at The Nordic Pavilion at Gamescom in Cologne.

The Nordic Pavilion consists of one part Swedish, one Norwegian, and one Finnish, and each part spans multiple clusters, organizations, and studios (and we are one of them✌️)

This is the second time we have visited Gamescom, and we have 8 studios with us who will show their game on the show floor. You can find the list of studios joining us below.

A photo of a group of people smiling and posing infront of a huge glass wall with a sign with the gamescom logo.
The Great Journey at Gamescom 2018

Our studios:

OmniScapes Interactive’s game in development, FlipScapes, is a Pinball universe made in Unreal Engine 5. The company is based in Karlstad, Sweden.

We are looking for partners who want to be notified about our future updates. Additionally, we would like to hear about any interest in our new Pinball-game.

A small studio with a lot of spunk! Makers of the bananas VR platformer TOSS!🍌

We are looking for partners to help us with funding, marketing, and/or connections with VR platforms for our title production. Viable & accelerating partnerships of all kinds.

A women-led indie game studio with team members based in Sweden, Germany & the UK and a focus on narrative games. We are developing a Point and Click adventure called A Trail of Ooze.

We are looking for funding, press contacts, and inspiring connections.

Team Velocita is a game studio based in Sweden. We focus on developing fun, stylized, and unorthodox games, with our current project being the Roguelite Racing game Octane Remix.

We are currently looking for investors and publishers that can help us with funding, marketing, and contacts.

I am a solo developer based in Sweden focusing on cute pixel art games. My current project is Honeymancer, a mix of a farming simulator and a wave defender with an environmental theme.

I am looking to make all kinds of new connections and learn more about the industry.

Forgebyte Studio is a small VR indie game studio based out of Karlstad, Sweden. Currently developing Dynamic Arms VR, featuring weapon mechanics that only work in VR.

We're looking for funding for our current project and/or future endeavors. We are also looking to network and find people who can help us make our games the best they can be.

Philosophic Games is a one-person studio focused on making unique and memorable game experiences, mainly within the horror genre.

I’m looking for partnerships to help with marketing and funding for my current Hell Punk Awakening project.

Our vision is to bring meaningful games to life. We create learning experiences with great value using well-known children's book IPs. Currently rebooting the Mulle Meck (aka Gary Gadget/Freddy Fixer/Willy Werkel) game series.

We are looking for partners regarding Project funding and Publishing. Experience with ethically sound games for children and making multi-cultural titles emphasized.


The Great Journey and our events are made possible with the support of the European Regional Development Fund, Region Värmland, Karlstad Innovation Park, and Embracer Group.



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