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Friday Stories is back - with a twist!

First of all, we are humbled by all of you who attended last season, Friday Stories, our talk + jam series for game developers with focus on diversity, inclusive design and sustainable development.

Friday Stories have changed a lot since the start, beginning as a way for us to prepare, bring value and networking possibilities to our students here in Karlstad, but it has grown bigger and we had the pleasure of having over 450+(!) people in total joining in last season.

What have changed?

- And with growth comes change!

👉Talk + Q&A

We slowly shifted towards more focus on the talk-part during season 2 and less on the jam to leave more space for networking during the pandemic. For season 3 we want to go all out, bringing you world class speakers with the opportunity for Q&A afterwards.

👉 Different sign up-format

We have also made the decision to switch over to Eventbrite instead of google form to extend the deadline for sign up, making it possible for you to sign up all the way to the start of the event!

👉 We are moving the event-series over to YouTube!

To accommodate the growing interest in the events, we switched from Google Meets to streaming the event on YouTube. You can still ask your questions tot he speaker


What does the future look like - NEW SPEAKERS!?!

So how is the future looking?

Season 3 starts in September and if you don't want to miss anything, sign up to our newsletter.

Subscribers get Friday stories-updates and get access to the tickets before everyone else, sneak peaks on upcoming events and much more.


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