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Friday Stories with Wanderword!

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Exciting news!

We present Friday Stories with Henrik Lindfors from Wanderword as our special guest speaker!

🕒 When:

12th of March


📍 Where:


Link to sign up here!

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Audio Entertainment in a visual space - on the importance of audio, and how the real world is not enough to entertain.

In this talk, we also highlight the superpower that is the human hearing, we'll also talk about the challenges of using audio as the primary method of conveying environments instead of graphics.

About the speaker:

Henrik Lindfors - Lead Designer With 12 years experience in Radio, as a radio show host and engineer, he later turned to working with music videos before ultimately going back to school at Indiespelutvecklare in Boden.

After which he joined up with Wanderword as an intern where he later worked his way up to Lead Designer.

About Wanderword: