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Friday Stories with Sticky Beat

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

UPDATE! We spoke to Andreas about the Power of play and how it can change the world! Read our blogpost about it here!

Exciting news!

Andreas Stjärnhem from Sticky Beat is our special guest speaker next Friday Stories!!

🕒 When:

Date: 26th of March

Time: 10.00-12.00

📍 Where:


Link to sign up here!

An email with further instructions will be sent to you after the deadline.


How to save the world by having fun. Games are often built around quests to save the world. It can be missions to overthrow evil tyrants, stopping intergalactic invaders, finding a cure for a zombie pandemic or kicking a koopa king called Bowser in the behind. But games can also save our real meatspace world. How? By opening the minds of players to new knowledge, perspectives and emotional bonds. Sticky Beat is a digital innovation agency built on top of the love of games. The company uses games and game mechanics in a multitude of ways to create digital experiences with a common goal of creating a better tomorrow. They also use knowledge they picked up from games to elevate their creative processes and workshops. During the last years they have created games like Drivkraft to teach the energy industry what they actually are making, Historiedetektiverna that turns school children into witnesses of historic events and Roc