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Why Värmland #3 - Work/life balance with forest baths and sun

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

This article is part of a 3-part series called Why Värmland? where we deep dive into different reasons for you to move to Värmland!

One of THE things Värmland has been known for is the forest industry. We have a vast cluster called Paper Province that, according to their website, "By using the forest, we can create a fossil-free society." They are also our office neighbors and super nice!

Our wast, enchanting forests are filled with an opportunity, but another industry is growing;

The Games Industry!

"Some media have called computer games "the new base industry," and this may be a good fit for an industry that had a turnover of EUR 3.3 billion in 2020."

- quote from the 2021 edition of Game Developer Index

Game development is excellent, but it is crucial to have an outstanding work/life balance where you take breaks and take care of yourself. And what is better than forest bathing, or skogsbad as we say in Sweden!


With 96+ trails, Värmland is overflowing with forest paths for you to explore. Follow the mighty Väners shoreline, walk up the mountains in the north or why not take a tour of the moose park in Ekshärad.

If you want to explore and get to know both city and nature, the popular app Hittaut have you covered! Hittaut is like a treasure hunt, and you collect codes from checkpoints while enjoying the sunny outside.

Learn more about Hittaut here and the different trails here

Matvandring Värmland

Want to take in nature and satisfy your stomach at the same time?

Then Matvandring Värmland is for you!

Experience the forest's smells, sound, and light in a guided hike with multiple stops to enjoy delicacies from Värmland.

Learn more here!


We have 10+ ski slopes where you can enjoy the crisp winter air while going downhill. Moreover, we have Frykstabacke 20 minutes away and Bryngfjorden only 10 minutes by car!

You can also enjoy the cool air in Värmland's ski tunnel during summer!

Learn more about the ski tunnel and the other ski slopes!

A 10 minutes city!

"In Karlstad, everything is a 10-minute bike ride away, meaning I get to spend more time with my family and do stuff I enjoy, like playing music or games, instead of commuting.
No more metro or time spent in car queues. I heard people in Stockholm spend on average more time commuting than being on vacation per year, which is crazy when you think about it."

- Jesper Franke, Embracer Group.

Karlstad is known as a 10-minute city where you can get almost everywhere within the aforementioned 10 minutes by bike. Public transportation is excellent in Karlstad, and you can take the bus both in the town and to neighboring cities.

We also have an easily accessible train station with departures to Gothenburg, Oslo, Stockholm, and more, making it easy to travel if needed! In addition, our Community Manager travels to Gothenburg a couple of times a month to visit her partner and family.

We also have Karlstad Airport, where you, outside of domestic flights, can book flights to Gran Canaria, Kroatia, and Thailand!

So come here and develop your game and enjoy everything Värmland has to offer for your work/life balance!

Applications for the programs and the games accelerator is closing soon!



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