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Thank you! - ❄️The Great Winter Pitch!❄️

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

The Great Winter Pitch was a success!

7 team (!) pitched at TGWP and the games varied from pixly heists to taking down zombies without any visuals to guide you. The pitchers showed great presentations and it was so rewarding to see how far you had come with your concepts/games!

The pitching teams games were:

  • Blind Survival

  • Heist Crisis

  • Hoodie

  • Lilium Reach

  • Long Cold Dark

  • Mushy's Exploration

  • Tower of Eternity

We are so proud of you all and we can't wait to see your concepts develop this spring! Keep an eye out in the future, we are certain we will hear and see more from you all!

A GREAT thank you also to Dilaram Massimova from PocApp Studios, Frank Rooke from Embracer Group, Tabitha Hayes from Start Stable Entertainment and Simon Röjder from Mirage Game Studio, our amazing Panel that gave great feedback and asking all right questions!

And last but not least! Thank you all who signed up as audience! You had great questions in the chat and gave great support to all our pitchers!


Missed the event?

Don't worry, we have a new pitch-event this summer! Keep an eye on any of our social media channels or the calendar on our event-page!


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