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POSTPONED! Lunch Talk: How to work with sustainability in the video game industry

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

We need postpone this Lunch Talk to a later date, new date will come soon!

Exciting news!

Our next speaker for our Lunch Talk-series is Karin Edner, Corporate Governance & Sustainability Coordinator at Embracer Group and Chris O'Kelly from DECA Games!

Embracer Group is the parent company of businesses developing and publishing PC, console and mobile games for the global games market.

We embrace great people, great companies and great ideas.

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🕒 When:

Date: 1st of April

Time: 12.15-13.00

📍 Where:


An email with the link and more information will be sent to you after the deadline.

Please check your junk mail if you can't find it!


Bring your lunch and just enjoy this lecture!

About Karin!

My name is Karin and I´m working at Embracer Group since 2019. My role at Embracer is to lead and develop our sustainability work. We believe that by working in a sustainable way, we will;

  • keep our most valuable assets – our employees,

  • become even more interesting to talents around the world,

  • make better games and be interesting to all our stakeholders for a long time.

My job is to put sustainability on everyone's agenda and one way of doing this is by an ambassador program that we have in place since a few months ago. We are working crossborder with our subsidiaries all over the world to make a difference in the long run together. By sharing the best practices and by finding new solutions and ways of working more sustainable.

I live in Hammarö with my husband and four kids, they are between 6 and 16 years old and they are truly the most interesting people I know. In my spare time I have a small company that I like to work with, It´s called The Wetalk and we are selling games, not videogames, but card games for couples. Before starting at Embracer I had my own restaurant for 10 years and I´ve also run a “Matkasse-företag” for seven years.

In this lunch talk, I would like to talk about how we work with sustainability in our global group, and I want to share some good tips on how to contribute to a slightly more sustainable future. I look forward to talking with you and you are welcome to think about the question:

What does sustainability for you? In your private life and in your career?

About Chris:

Chris O'Kelly is a first generation free-to-play producer with roots in publishing and live operations of games for PC and mobile platform. He had the opportunity to work for companies like Perfect World, Kabam, Nexon and Huuuge in various publishing and monetization related senior functions which enabled him to work on top grossing titles with big IPs as much as smaller Indie projects. He is proud to have joined DECA in 2019 as part of the leadership team, currently heading a small studio within DECA, responsible for a collection of mobile titles in his function as Executive Producer.


Our latest Lunch Talk:

Lunch Talks

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