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Beta of Blind Survival have been downloaded more than 1400+ times!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Our community member and The Great Summer Pitch-winner Noah Moltenberg works with an unusual concept.

It is an all audio and no graphics game.

Noah told us their story as a visually impaired game developer during the pitch event.

The challenges of the ever-evolving and details-oriented graphics are not necessarily accessible and that’s why he decided to develop Blind Survival: A zombie adventure-horror game; to highlight how rare it is for games to be accessible to visually impaired gamers.

“But also to raise awareness of how games can be navigated only with sounds. This is an experience even for sighted people, who now can gain experience of how the world of the visually impaired can feel like.”

The game developer writes on Blind Survivals website.

The game can be enjoyed by both visually impaired players as well as sighted players. The game uses a classical first-person perspective and your survival hinges on your ability to navigate your way through true darkness using your hearing and reflexes.

"It's very motivating when people say they're looking forward to the full release!" Says Noah when we ask about the development.

You can find the demo and the walkthrough below:


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