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Press Release | The Games Industry has grown over 67% in Värmland | English

A couple of weeks ago, the Game Developer Index 2022, a report from the trade association Dataspelsbranschen, which does an annual survey of the Swedish game industry.

Some holding points from the report show:

  • The Swedish games industry, with Swedish companies and subsidiaries, had a turnover of almost 59 billion Swedish kronor during 2021, an increase of 41% compared to earlier years.

  • With 93 new companies started during 2021, the industry continued on a steady course and had an increase in new hires by 20%, around 1350 people in the last year.

From the report, it appears that Embracer Group, with its headquarters in Karlstad, continues to grow, with a turnover of 17 billion sek during the financial year of 2021/22, a growth of 89% compared to the last financial year.

It is more than Embracer Group growing in Värmland. The number of game studios (companies) registered in Värmland grew with 6 companies during 2021 and are now 20 companies in total, an increase of 67% compared to last year.

Värmland also welcomed 114 new students this fall, studying one of five game development courses in the county, with more courses to come in fall 2023.

"It is a strong development resulting from couscous work to build a game cluster. The focus has been on increasing educational courses and developing the community and the industry with our partners. The recipe for success is based on the model; Find a friend build a team, and make a game. Due to the investment, we will see more regional students and studios."

- Patrick Standfast, Co-founder and Director at The Great Journey

The Great Journey works to build the game industry in Värmland. With the support of Embracer Group, among others, the number of game studios supported by The Great Journey grew, and the number of educational seats and industry-stimulating activities. We offer various events and activities, like Friday Stories, a talk, and Q&A, where industry professionals share their knowledge. In addition, the Great Summer Pitch is an opportunity for studios to pitch their game in front of a panel and win funding.


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Communications Manager


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