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Lunch Talk: Kickstarter - a retrospective of Knife Sisters

Updated: May 20, 2021

We all know about Kickstarter, the crowed funding platform for everything from dice sets, books, technology to video games. But how does the process of setting up a Kickstarter look like? What do need to prepare before hand? Afterwards? This, together with the personal experience of kickstarting their own video game, Knife Sisters, is what Bobbi Augustine Sand delve into this Lunch Talk!


Date: May 20th

Time: 12.15-13.00




Bring your lunch and just enjoy this lecture!

👉About the talk:

In 2018 we did a Kickstarter campaign for Knife Sisters, a few months before the release of the game. In this talk I will go through what we learned, what worked for us and what didn't, what we think Kickstarter is best used for as well as other findings from the process.

👉About the speaker:

Bobbi loves playfulness, subcultures and to tell stories about queer emo kids. Since 2006 Bobbi’s been been exploring what games are and could be in their former company Ozma Games, and now in Transcenders Media, where they develop story based games with existential themes. In 2019 Knife Sisters was released, a visual novel about relationships, love, sex, peer pressure and occultism.


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The Great Journey and our events are made possible with the support of the European Regional Development Fund, Region Värmland, Karlstad Innovation Park and Embracer Group.


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