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The delicate balancing act of the studio/publisher relationship

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

The experience of developing a game in collaboration with a publisher is difficult to understand from the outside. Can you set creative boundaries? What's the trick to managing expectations? How can you make these relationships positive and productive?

Aspiring developers creating or launching games are invited to get a close look at this delicate process. Join us for Friday Stories on April 16th, when Mirage Game Studio's Managing Director Simon Röjder will offer a detailed retrospective of producing the sandbox game Little Big Workshop in partnership with the publisher THQ Nordic.

Before the event, we asked Simon to share how he got involved with his publisher and why it’s a tricky route for first-time developers.

Source: THQ Nordic

A good idea, a good team, and a lot of trust

It’s possible to imagine pitching your game to a publisher that results in a generous contract that allows you to realize your vision. Simon cautions that this is ‘the romantic view.' He offers the analogy of successful writers. When you’re established, he explains, people ask to publish your book, and they wouldn’t dream of getting involved. For unknown writers, however, publishers ‘can be much bossier.’