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3 takeaways from when we combined theater and video games

This fall we invited game developers from Star Stable, Palindrome Interactive, Killmonday games, Something we made, and many more to join us for the first iteration of Masterclass in Narrative game design.

Together with Leif Stinnerbom from Västanå Theater and Dave Mervik from Tarsier Studio, we created magic when the art of theater meet the art of game design.

Here are some of our takeaways from the Masterclass:

Takeaway 1

By experiencing others' stories and how they tell them, we develop our own understanding of things outside our own bubble.

This gives us the opportunity to evolve our own way of storytelling, enrich our narratives and create better games.

Takeaway 2

Take time to understand the core pillars of your game narrative.

By identifying the core pillars both you and your team can create game mechanics and make design decisions that enhance the narrative.

Takeaway 3

Start by establishing the theme of your concept, then the characters that will convey this theme. After that the world building to give context and last connect everything though the story.

This way you create a framework for you and your team to work after, giving you room to easier "kill your darlings".


Want to read testimonials from the participants and see the retelling video of the event?

Check out our other blog post over here!



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