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Find a friend - Build a team - Make a Game

The Great Journey is a community, workspace and a place where we support you to take the next step with your game idea!

The Hub is located at Innovation Park in Karlstad, Sweden, but we operate all around Värmland.

The hub are not open for unplanned visits due to covid19, but most of our events are digital!

You can contact us through email or on our discord channel!

Next Event!

More Info-coming soon!

Happening in the hub!

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More Info-coming soon!

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Aspiring game dev?

We help you develop games no matter if you run a hobby project, a start up or an established game studio. We offer a meeting place for co-labs,  game development and workspace for your game project. A place dedicated to creation and collaboration free of charge.


PsssST! Join our discord and talk bout game development, upcoming events and see the latest news from the game-projects!

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