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Who are you?

Everyone working in or looking to work within games is welcome to apply to join the volunteer program, providing they join us in our mission.


Our Ambassador Mission:

To support people working with the game industry in Värmland, no matter at what stage their career or life journey they are in.

Check out our community!


As an ambassador, your mission is to empower people to challenge themselves and dare to take the next step in the games industry. We do this by providing a creative space to socially connect, exchange knowledge and encourage game development. This is voluntary work with no pay and you will not be employed at The Great Journey. 

We celebrate and showcase the work and talent of our community throughout the games industry, providing unique opportunities for you as our ambassador to contribute to our talks, our game jams, and other activities.

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What are Ambassadors expected to do?

  • Support our Community Manager 

  • Help organize events 

  • Make sure The Great Journey is a safe environment

  • Spread the TGJ culture and values

Ambassadors are expected to reach out to:

  • People at school, college, and university and encourage them to consider the game industry as a career

  • Industry & educational leaders to form long term strategic partnerships

  • Our community to encourage them on their game dev journey

Ambassadors Game Jam Fund

We have an Ambassadors Game Jame Fund that can support ambassadors to put on a game jam or instigate an initiative. 


We are open to ALL ideas - Ambassadors can collaborate together or with other organizers, and we welcome innovative and creative ideas. 


The amount The Great Journey can fund varies depending on the activity. A proposal including costs must be submitted before the event takes place in order to be granted. The application will go through a review and approval process. 

What you receive for being an Ambassador:

  • Part of a supportive, creative space for all

  • Access to exclusive Ambassador only events, workshops, and support

  • Access to Ambassador only social channels

  • Access to Ambassador network, including corporates and educational

  • Free tickets to game conferences and events The Great Journey participates in

  • Support to organize and run your event in our local community

In 3 months, it is a desirable goal for Ambassadors to:

Run/co-host a workshop

Host a social event

Create a visible initiative

In return for being a The Great Journey Ambassador, we request the following:

At a minimum, we expect you to:


  • Support The Great Journey’s and ambassadors' activities by liking and sharing social media posts and being an active contributing member on the Discord server, Twitter and LinkedIn channels.

  • Visibility of your Ambassador status on your social media profile. 

  • Active membership in the Discord Server and the Ambassador-only chat channel.

  • Join our list of Ambassadors on our website, including photo, name, social media info.

  • Professional behavior and conduct online and in public.

  • Take part in events run by the organization or ambassadors.

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