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The Accelerator

Turn your studio into

a sustainable and successful business



6 to 12 months depending on your scope and project.


 The accelerator partly funds the best-performing teams.


Karlstad /remote with monthly on-site meetings.


We work in partnership with publishers and investors to provide great matchmaking.


Free workspace, mentorship, legal aid, game conferences, and support in relocation.

Great Partners

We work closely with companies and studios in the industry to provide you with the best opportunities.

Find out more about what's in it for you  and your studio

How do you balance selling your game and developing a healthy work culture at the same time?

We answer that question for you when you join the accelerator. We focus on both people, business and the planet in order to make you and your studio the best you can be.   


The accelerator program helps game studios professionalize their production pipeline and maximize their business opportunities. 

What do I admy studio get from the program?


Mentors - Experienced industry pro’s from all aspects of game development. 


Knowledge - 75 hours of game and business coaching 


Matchmaking - publishers, investors and partners. 


Legal - free legal support for example negotiating contracts, reviewing business deals etc.  


People  - If you’ve ever been part of a  team you most certainly experienced what happens when people don’t get along. We’ll help you work better together as a team and a company. We are an inclusive and safe space. 


Planet - We all want to do good but what makes a difference can be hard to figure out and that’s where we can help you. We care about people and the planet and the way to a greener world starts with how we treat fellow human beings. 

Gateway - to our partner Embracer Group and their ecosystem of game entrepreneurs. 


Conferences and Industry Trade Fairs - Free travel, lodging and exhibition fees to national and international fairs and conferences i.e. Gamescom, Sweden Game Conference, GDC, Nordic Games, Arctic Game Week. 


Partners to The Great Journey

Who are we looking for?

You and your team are ambitious and want to accelerate your game studio.

We offer a structured method to build your studio and develop and release games. Our community provides a fantastic network of people who will help accelerate your studio.

This is the full package: Studio, business and game!

You’ll be part of a growing community backed by our partner Embracer Group and you will be coached by our experienced Studio Manager Mikael Forslund (+15 years in the industry) and our Business Coach Simon Sendowski (+20 years of running businesses and startups). 


The Accelerator is part of The Great Journey community where you’ll find like-minded people and share knowledge and experiences. If you ever get stuck, there will always be someone to discuss and share your problem with. In short, a bunch of people and studios who’ll help you grow.   

The acceleration method

The program uses the KTH Readiness Level ™ The method helps you develop your studio in seven key areas; Customer, Team, Business, Funding, IP, Technology, and Sustainability. All of which are vital to the success of your company. We believe that the best way to get your game to market is by using the fun factor and business sense as games need to be fun and intriguing.

- Testimonials about the accelerator


Niels van Alphen

Forgebyte Studio, creators of Dynamic Arms VR

"Most jobs get quite monotonous after a while. Game development is great because no matter how long you’ve been working with it there is always something new and challenging to learn and it really allows you to grow as a person."

The Application process


You send in
your application


We connect back to you 


We book a meeting
with you


Then we start!

I want to apply

What are you waiting for?

Application and admission

You apply by sending an email to our Business coach Simon at or through the button below.

Studios are accepted according to merit and readiness. We accept applications on a rolling basis.

Requirements to apply

  • The passion and drive to succeed. 

  •  Documented work within game development

    • (link to demos, released titles, prototypes or equivalent work)

  • A team with the skills needed to produce the game you want to make.

  • A solid game concept and market analysis for your game.

  • Academic exams are merit but not required. 

  • A company registered in Sweden, we can help set one up if needed. 

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