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The Hub

The hub is located at Karlstad Innovation Park and is home to both the community and

the Indie Game Developer-course. You can find Experience Designer up on the 5th floor!

The hub is not open for unplanned visits due to covid19, but most of our events will be digital. Contact us if you want to plan a visit.

If you are interested starting a studio, send an email to our studio manager Mikael and book a meeting!

You can find the houserules for the Hub here.


Indie game developer

These workstations are prioritized for the students at Indie Game Developer, but outside school hours they are free for the community to use.

TGJ Staff

This is where you will find the The Great Journey staff.

Free space

This space is free for everyone to sit down and work on their own laptop.

The Studio

This is a space for studios to sit together and work free of charge,  just talk to Mikael .


Hear what the studensts have to say about

The Great Journey

The hub is divided into 4 sections

Join our digital hub on discord

Join us on discord!
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