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Houserules for the Hub

📕 House Rules

The Community

  • Find a friend - build a team - make a game

  • We are an inclusive community. Together we make TGJ a safe space, no sexism, bigotry or racism!

  • Questions are cool


The Park

  • Always put your mug, glas, cutlery, etc in the dishwasher after using them.

  • Fill and unload the dishwasher once a week.

  • Please use the phone booths for phone/video calls


The Hub

  • Use the Hub 7 days a week (if you have your own tag otherwise office hours)

  • The Hub is OFF LIMITS between 00:00 - 06.30, make sure you leave the building before midnight. You need to go home and sleep! 

  • Close all windows before leaving

  • Food and drink are consumed outside the Hub, but you are allowed to bring drinks inside the hub if you use a closed container

  • Always leave the workplace tidy and clean

  • Keep your voice down and create a great working environment for everyone

  • Game consoles are not allowed to leave the hub 

  • If you want to borrow gear, talk to Mikael, Patrick or Rosanna and they will help you!

  • No gear leaves the hub without being cleared by above 



  • Handle the computers with care

  • Log off after every session.

  • The computers are primarily for Indie Game Developer-students, but can be used by TGJ members when available.

  • Clean your workstation with a wipe after use.

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