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Top-Down VS
2D Platformers

Part 8 of 9

A beginners guide to Pixel art

By Danielle Woods (Woodspixl)

The most common approach when creating pixel art games are 2D, straight forward ‘Platformers’ and the more traditional ‘RPG’ top down style. Both are great styles for pixel art games to function within but how does one make or even think about how to approach this from an art stand point.

Tile mapping like mentioned above can be used for both of these as it all depends on the perspective you create the world in. 2D ‘top downs’ are where the world has been created from the bird's eye perspective and the other is created as if you are watching a child’s ant farm.

Top Down perspective and the 2D platformer perspective are both very unique but share very similar approaches as both can be done with and without using ‘tile maps’ but making each within tiles will increase the workflow overall.

Screenshot 2022-06-17 140148.png

For example, my (Danielle's) fan art piece only has reused sprites and very minimal repeated tiles.

Top Down Style Analysis and Tutorial

AdamCYounis : In Mortmorts videos above, he talks and shows a lot about how to create tiles for platformer styled games but lets discuss top down.This is a very VERY long and in depth guide on how to approach, think and overcome making top down worlds instead. Adam does a great job looking at game references to easily explain how to successfully grab the players eye. For example where the player can and cannot walk and foreground objects against the background. Adam also does a great job of breaking down the workflow and how to start by creating a draft with the viewer. A great video to watch if you are considering making a top down game.

Pixel Art Tutorial, Top Down Worlds

Saultoons : Saultoon’s Tutorial is a brilliant video on how to start your world and thinking about the different objects, buildings and layout options you might want to use for your project. He also gives very good tips on how you can create easy and simple tiled objects such as tree’s being as easy as duplicating your layer and offsetting them. Overall a very informative video to watch!

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