Window Games

During the cold and dark winter period it’s easy to feel bit low. The idea behind Leendesamlaren is to make people smile. We do this by using game mechanics and nudging people to collect smiles. So put on your best face and smile, smile, smile.

When you smile you make the whole world smile with you. 
Leendesamlaren is part of the Great Window Games initiativ by The Great Journey where we brighten up city centers by putting games in shop windows.  The Great Journey is Värmlands Game Dev Community This experience is funded by The Great Journey/Karlstad Innovation Park, Region Värmland, EU regional development fund and Embracer Group. 

No personal data or images is collected or stored. Only the number of registered smiles is collected/stored.

The Great Journey presenterar “Leendesamlaren”.

Tillverkad av Karlstad makers med stöd av Teknikerjakten Kau och kunskapsgatan.

Leendesamlaren sparar inga bilder eller data, bara antalet registrerade leenden.

Karlstad Makers