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Techniques, tricks and other valuable knowledge

Part 9 of 9

A beginners guide to Pixel art

By Danielle Woods (Woodspixl)

I am not going to go into too much detail about this section as each of these but these topics are for the later more developed stages of one’s pixel art journey such as Animating and perfecting character designs however I would recommend watching Adam’s Reference video as it isn’t key to making pixel art but it might help you overcome hurdles in your design and help you figure out what a certain thing, object or motion looks like in the real world.

ANimation Basics

I left animation out of this guide as it is a whole over world boss in its own right and if truth be told. I wouldn’t start animating anything too serious until you grasp the basics of the program you are using, the mindset of pixel art and feel comfortable with what you are making.

Animation Tutorials (GIF’s)

This website was created by Pedro where they have published a ton of animation tips through the use of GIF’s where the reader can read and learn about the different types of animations such as wings flapping, human body movements, special effects and much, MUCH more.

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