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Choosing your colour palette

Part 4 of 9

A beginners guide to Pixel art

By Danielle Woods (Woodspixl)


Lospec is the go-to website for artists when it comes to finding premade palettes as they have a great system of easy downloading the palettes you want to even giving you examples of what you can achieve with the palettes. Something that is also great is that it is completely free to browse and you can even upload your own work onto there and share with others.

Screenshot of a palett list at Lospec



Beginner Tips, Colour Palettes

MortMort : Something that catches new artists off guard is that they NEED to make their own palette. This is not the case, You are free to use any colour you want and Lospec is a great source to find millions of premade palettes to use! You can also use Aseprite’s built in Palette selection or use the ‘create palette from current sprite’ where Aserite will create a palette based on the current sprite. I do this a lot and I highly recommend it since you can learn what colours you then want to use from a completely new palette and not something that someone has created for you.

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How to create a palette from a sprite
- in Aseprite


how to create a palette from a sprite in Asepriet.png
how to create a palette from a sprite in Asepriet- 02.png

Burger Button > Create Palette from Sprite > ‘insert number of colours’ > OK


As you can see I have the default colour palette but I want to copy 25 colours from the sprite I have loaded. Within Aseprite, load the sprite and select the ‘Burger Button’ just below the ‘Home’ tab.

Once the drop down list appears, you want to select the last option “Create Palette from Sprite”.

Then a window will appear with several options,

the most important one is the first or second. The first option will create X amount of colours from the sprite and completely replace the previous palette. The second option will replace the amount of colours you currently have (in the example it will replace all 32 colours with 32 colours from the sprite and if there aren't enough colours, it will create transparent blocks which isn't ideal.)

The last two are all about ‘Alpha colours’ and ‘indexing’ Something that doesn’t need to be explained at this current point. Just keep them unticked, press ‘OK’ and enjoy your new colours.

how to create a palette from a sprite in Asepriet- 03.png
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