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From Zero to hero, Pixel art!

A beginners guide to Pixel art

By Danielle Woods (Woodspixl)

When you think of pixel art, you might think of Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda. With the world becoming more technologically advanced, graphics becoming more realistic, and gameplay more engaging, people thought the pixel art era was over, but that was further than the truth. The genre of pixel art is becoming more and more popular now for brand new pixel art games coming onto the market from smaller studios. AAA has left the door wide open for indie studios to fill the player's hands with wholesome, fun, action, and more pixel art games!


After completing this online guide, I want you to feel inspired to continue learning pixel art, even if you feel discouraged. Like any hobby/skill, it takes time.


If you get stuck, reach out to the Discord community of TGJ - specifically the xx channel. You are not alone!

I hope you enjoyed this “Guide” and found it helpful overall. 


And remember -

Overview and shortcut

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