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4 days of learning game development

Want to learn more about how games are made and then  use that kowledge to create your own?

Then you should be a part of this years Summercamp!

Japanese Calendar


21- 24 June


Playing a Shooting Game


16 years
and up

What do we do at the camp?
We meetup digitally and for four days, you will learn the basics in game development, giving you the tools to explore a game engine and create graphics for your game. This camp is a joint camp with MECO (Music Ecosystems Inner Scandinavia) giving you the opportunity to work with musicians and composers for your game. 

Who can attend summercamp?
You need to be over the age of 16 to participate. If you are under 18, we need a signature from your Guardian. We can not offer you a place at the camp without that.
After you have signed the document, send it to and you are good to go!

Do I need a computer to participate?
You will need access to a computer that can run your average game on, but if you do not have that, The Great journey can offer you a place in our Hub in Karlstad, where you will have access to a computer. This is only available if you do not show any respiratory symptoms due to covid and Folkhälsomyndighetens recommendations. 

We can only take in a set number of participant, so make sure you check the right options in your submission.


Will I get help with the development if I get stuck?

Yes, there will be people from The Great Journey community who will be able to help you with all the problems you might encounter. 

Application process

June 13th

Application closes!

Under 18?
Send in this document to

June 15th

Admission notice goes out to all applicants

June 17th

Applicants confirm through e-mail that they can take part

June 21th

Summercamp Start!

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