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The journey of a technical sound designer through the videogames industry | Friday Stories Blog

Play a videogame muted for a few minutes: “You think that you make free choices, but a sound designer is telling you: check this thing out, use that weapon." Sound gives the information needed to succeed in a game. It impacts the player experience from the subconscious. That was the crucial role of the Hazelight audio team and his Technical Sound Designer, Joakim Enigk Sjöberg, at It Takes Two.

In his upcoming talk at Friday Stories, Joakim will tell the behind the scenes of Hazelight game It Takes Two. A two years journey full of challenges, such as the split-screen, recording a massive library of organ church sounds and capturing underwater sounds during winter.

In this article, we will get to know more about his journey as a sound professional in the industry.

A gamer kid reaches the dream of making videogames

Many years have passed since Joakim was a kid playing PC games; or since he was a child and became fascinated by the Final Fantasy soundtrack; and since he left behind his teenage dream of becoming a Rockstar to focus on audio production.

Nowadays, Joakim stops at the middle of the street and shuts everyone up to record the sound of a trash can. Like other sound designers, he is guilty of keeping in his phone a vast library of random sounds.

After six years of producing audio experiences, he is the kind of gamer that thinks about the sound’s technical details while he plays.

Knocking on the door of the videogames industry